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- Political Supporters - 2016, fine art print fixed on aluminium, colored frames, series of 10 photographies each 94x75cm, installation view at Städtische Galerie Nordhorn, Germany »The only raw material I used for -Political Supporters- was press photographs illustrating news coverage of election results. They The are pictures of people who have spent months campaigning for political parties or individual politicians. The photos show the instant in which they learn the election results - the moment of winning or losing. It is a situation of extreme emotionality in which people briefly forget everyone else around them. In my photos, I capture uncontrolled emotional outbursts ranging from ecstatic jubilation to tears of disappointment. It was important for me to isolate their faces from the euphoric crowds and to focus on the individual. This collective experience of emotions distinguished by a sense of belonging to a certain group of people and a feeling of superiority over others is a deep-rooted form of social behaviour repeatedly observed in political contexts which I often address in my art.«

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