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- Human Behaviours - Installation of several slide-projectors showing thousands of slides in an intervall every four seconds. Human Behaviours is a multiple slideshow, with hundreds of pictures of passers-by taken in different European rigorously organized into categories. We live constantly under the watchful eye of the CCTV camera, individuals with codes whose every move is monitored. We are used to being labelled, pigeonholed forever on the strength of superficial stereotypes. With the result that we end up keeping tabs on each other, defining, equating and distinguishing, giving to phenomena of social inclusion and exclusion based on parameters fixed at random. It is the tendency to an ironic extreme, organizing the collection on the basis of attitudes that are in no way exceptional,that are indeed hackneyed and commonplace. But paradoxically it is precisely the absolute ordinariness of the portraits which have been catalogued that allows the variegated diversity of our everyday universe to emerge. Gabi Scardi Categorie examples: people wearing red shoes people wearing green shoes blinking people running people men with bald left hand in trouser pocket right hand in trouser pocket both hands in trouser pockets people wearing white headphones people wearing black headphones people holding their phones in the right hand people holding their phones in the left hand people carrying their bags with their right hand people carrying their bags with their left hand people carrying their bags with both hands people with hads women with high heels women with flat heels people laughing sleeping people etc.

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