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- Nekerman - old light letters from Bukarest, metal, plastic, 2008 The installation consist old light-advertisement-letters from Bukarest. You can still see this old letters hanging on facades all over Buckarest. The belonging shops, cinemas, theaters are not existing anymore. Just this letters remember the former existence of them. They hang like forgotten ruins of a former time on many buildings. The word "NEKERMAN" was used before the revolution in Rumania as a describing word for something of super quality. The original brand name of a huge german mail-order company, which was known in itęs homecountry for their cheap prices, was convert into an new meaning only used in Rumania. The word "NEKERMAN" is made by old light-letters which were taken from the facades in Bukarest. This original old light letters were arranged like a new logo. supported by Centre for Visual Introspection Bucharest

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